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As Hungry As A Bear
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Laurie Graba


As hungry as a bear.



Bears hibernate all winter long and when they are done hibernating, they are starving!  This is where the term hungry as a bear comes from.



A person may be known to be as hungry as a bear if they are extraordinarily hungry.   Bears may spend anywhere from 5 -7  months hibernating.  Before they go into hibernation mode, they spend a great deal of time eating.  They increase their food intake to pack on the pounds so that they can sustain the hibernation period.  While they are hibernating, they have nothing to eat or drink. When springtime arrives, bears awake very hungry.  When camping, people need to make sure their food is packed away carefully.  Bears have an incredible sense of smell and are very curious.  This coupled with their fierce appetite can cause problems for campers.  That is why when people are very hungry; we sometimes compare their hunger to that of a bear.