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The Floating Finger Sausage
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Science Area:  Life Science
Content:  Creating Illusions/Depth Perceptions

Floating Fingertip



Two Fingers



Touch index fingers together.

Stretch your arms out in front of you with your index fingers still touching at eye level.

Keep both eyes open.

Look straight ahead and focus on a far point.

Slowly bring your touching index fingers closer in toward the bridge of your nose

What do you see? (It will appear that you grew a sausage between your index finger tips).



How does this happen?

What might happen if you close one eye?





Even though your eyes are focused on a far point, we still see objects that are closer to the eyes.  This is the reason why we see only a piece of the finger.  What ever image overlaps is seen more clearly.  Optical illusions are the result of our brains folllowing reasoning to what would apprear to be a logical conclusion.  The image of the two eye retinas have to correspond.  Our visual system attempts to do the best it can, but sometimes it is wrong.


Source:  Levenson, Elaine. Teaching Children About Life and Earth Sciences. TAB Books (Division of McGraw Hill, Inc.). New York.  1994.  p. 37.