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Laurie Graba





1891 – Ole Kirk Christiansen is born


1916 – Ole Kirk Christiansen purchases small woodshop in Billund Denmark.


1932 – Ole Kirk’s shop begins to manufacture wooden toys.


1934 – The LEGO Company name is created.


1939 – The lego Company has 10 employees


1942 – The LEGO factory burns to the ground.


1943 – The LEGO Company has about 40 employees.


1948 – The LEGO Company has about 50 employees.


1949 – Automatic Binding Bricks are first created.  At this time there are only four colors available.


1950 – Godtfred Kirk Christiansen is appointed Junior Vice President at the age of 30. 


1951 – The first film about the LEGO Company is shot.


1953 – The Automatic Binding Bricks name is changed to LEGO bricks.  The name LEGO is now printed inside all bricks.


1954 – The word LEGO is officially registered in Denmark.


1955 – LEGO System of Play is introduced.


1958 – Ole Kirk Christiansen passes away.  The company is passed down to his son Godtfred Kirk Christiansen. 


1961 – The LEGO Group introduces the wheel into production.


1966 – LEGO products are sold in over 42 countries.


1968 – LEGOLAND is opened in Billund Denmark.


1969 – DUPLO bricks are launched internationally.


1974 – LEGO Family Figurines are introduced.

1975 – LEGO Expert Series is introduced.


1977 – Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen (third generation) joins LEGO management group. 


1981 – First LEGO World Show is hosted in Denmark.


1984 – LEGO Castle Series is introduced.


1989 – LEGO Pirate line is introduced.


1990 – LEGO Group is one of the world’s 10 largest toy manufacturers.


1993 – LEGO kid’s wear is introduced.


1996 – is launched.


1998 – LEGO software is introduced.


1999 – LEGOLAND opens in Carlsbad, CA.  LEGO World Shop opens on the internet.


2000 – LEGO Group partners with Steven Spielberg


2001 – Bionicle Line is introduced.


2002 – LEGO Duplo is replaced with Let’s Explore brand. 


2003 – Clikits for girls are introduced.

Who knows what great ideas will be coming next!